From Comic Sci-Fi Remixes to Horror Cartoon Mash-Ups

 - Dec 22, 2012
Cartoon mash-ups are an inventive way to blend two different yet similar genres to create something completely out of the ordinary. What you'll find within this collection is a number of child-oriented cartoons that have been mashed with similar or more obscure styles of entertainment.

Take for example the Star Wars and Charlie Brown mash-up that had each character of the loveable Peanuts gang turned into a different intergalactic character. Additionally, there are a number of Disney mash-ups that blend the family friendly films with more obscure topical genres like Kill Bill where lethal revenge is the main theme.

Whichever of these mash-ups you focus on, you'll find that each takes on a much different perspective on two different approaches to entertainment and ensures that you'll definitely be taking a double glance to make sure you saw it right.