The Old Red Jalopy Presents Hollywood Movies with a Comic Touch

 - Mar 5, 2012
References: oldredjalopy & nextmovie
If Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the James Bond franchises were produced by Disney, their posters would look a lot like these done by The Old Red Jalopy.

Everything would be given that innocent cartoon charm most viewers are all too familiar with. The action-filled plots of Mission Impossible and James Bond movies would be less explosive; the Harry Potter series might be more kid-friendly and less dark. The Hangover would be dull without its vulgarity and the Saw franchises would be nonexistent.

The Old Red Jalopy has taken movies posters from big Hollywood titles and added the magic of Disney to them. The results are quite comedic, as Alan from the Hangover is reminiscent of Snow White’s dwarfs and Phil looks like a troubled Prince Charming. Fans of Twilight will be disappointed to see their beloved Edward transformed into a sourpuss, but nonetheless, these Disneyfied Movie Posters are entertaining.