The Thomas Czarneck Photos Give a Twist to Fairytale Endings

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: thomasczarnecki & mymodernmet
The Thomas Czarneck photos are a mix of satire and macabre humour as he denies beloved fairytale princesses their happily-ever-after endings.

Many grew up with their favorite fairytales like Snow White and Cinderella, and adored the way their lives seemed to work out for the best regardless of all the struggles. But this series titled 'From Enchantment to Down' depicts the sad demise of each of the fairytale princesses like Alice, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Ariel and many others.

In addition, Thomas adds an eerie sense of humor in these dark and brooding images, especially with the tongue-in-cheek titles like 'Just a trap' for Alice, 'Not so romantic' for Beauty and the Beast and many more. It is quite upsetting to see the demise of the fairytale princesses who serve as idols for many women.