Daniel Karlsson Renders Goofy & Donald Duck Nightmarishly

After viewing these stunning and shocking paintings by Daniel Karlsson, you’ll never think of your favorite Disney characters in the same way.

Cute and kid-friendly aesthetics are thrown out the window in favor of realism, but that wasn’t enough for Karlsson. To truly make these portraits of Donald Duck and Goofy his own, he’s opted to depict them in as nightmarish a fashion as he knows how. The hotheaded Donald Duck now peers into viewers with sinister glowing eyes while the lovable Goofy looks completely intoxicated as drool drips from his mouth. These are Disney characters you don’t want to run into in a dark alleyway.

Daniel Karlsson titles his interpretations of Donald Duck and Goofy ‘The Babysitter’ and ‘The Date-Rapist’ respectively. If you haven’t clued in yet that there’s something very wrong about those two, hopefully those names tipped you off.