The Mustache Disney Tumblr is Hilariously Facial-Haired

Just in time for the beginning of Movember that is fast approaching, the bundle of adaptions made to lovable childhood cartoon characters is joined by the Mustache Disney Tumblr, which may be the most epic in facial hair-enhanced frames.

The blog features cartoon lip carpets making everyone from Princess Jasmine to the beautiful Belle look like they are in need of some generous donations from Gillette. The iconic Disney characters are captured in recognizable scenes from the movies and with an added touch of a helpful handlebar, they’re transformed into hilariously distinguished divas. Even Aladdin and Scar from the Lion King get a lift from a little animated lip fuzz.

Peter Pan, you may never want to grow up, but thanks to the Mustache Disney Tumblr, you can rock a way past-puberty 'stache like none other.