The Cardboard Can is a Cheaper and Greener Aluminum Alternative

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: & springwise
German company Keienburg GmbH has developed a cardboard can for carbonated drinks designed to save manufacturers money and make the world a greener place. The cardboard can is made almost entirely out of paper with only the lid being made of aluminum.

This new design cuts costs by letting manufacturers make a ton of cans out of a small reel of cardboard. A reel of cardboard measuring 4 x 0.5 feet can create a staggering 4,000 cans. Keinenburg GmbH estimates that companies can save up to 30 percent in production costs by using these cardboard cans. Consumers will benefit too in that their drinks will stay colder for longer. The Earth will also benefit from a cardboard can in that there won’t be as many aluminum cans winding up in landfills.