The 'Let It Bleed' Exhibit by Artist Vally Nomidou is Eerily Dark

 - Mar 16, 2012
References: vallynomidou.wordpress & neatorama
Greek artist Vally Nomidou’s ‘Let it Bleed’ exhibit is comprised of a series of life-size sculptures of young women and girls made entirely out of paper.

The exhibit features sculptures of both full-bodied women, as well as individual body parts such as hands or heads. Each piece is eerily anatomically correct and features the women posing in odd and contorted poses. The sculptures are ethereal and delicate, making all of those that see them fear for their destruction as they could easily crumble in an instant.

Nomidou’s collection can be seen at the Gagosian Gallery and the artist’s work is completely unaltered using any other material other than paper.

Each piece exudes the beauty that can exist in vulnerability, and Vally Nomidou’s ‘Let it Bleed’ exhibit will haunt and move audiences that experience it.