The Moby Dick Toilet Paper is Multifunctional

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: ebay & neatorama
One of the greatest novels of all time is now available for viewing pleasure with the Moby Dick Toilet Paper. Relive the epic tale of the beast who lived in the sea typed out on six rolls of the freshest Cottonelle (the epilogue is one fifth of a roll).

The Moby Dick Toilet Paper takes the term bathroom reader to a whole other level when the reading portion and the bathroom portion are forged into one. The book's author Herman Melville probably wouldn't be happy that his life's work is being used as a clean up utensil for people's behinds.

Most iconic books are republished every now and again to re-vamp the greatness that once was, however, the Moby Dick Toliet Paper doesn't exactly remind one of the novels magnitude.