From Farm-Inspired Kleenex Covers to Fail Whale Tissues

 - Mar 25, 2013
Kleenex boxes are one of those staple items that many homes have, and if you're looking to spice up these otherwise mundane accessories with some humorous designs, then these quirky tissue boxes will certainly add a playful touch.

Traditionally kleenex box covers were simply designed to provide a practical way to keep your tissues clean and clear from dust. These quirky designs however, are outfitted in wacky and unusual shapes to cater to a much younger demographic of individuals who enjoy pop culture references and eclectic touches. These tissue boxes range from those shaped like Rubik's Cubes to those that resemble high-tech equipment, and they'll surely add a fun touch to your interior decor.

If you're tired of plain old tissue boxes and want something more unique to display, then these quirky designs will definitely add a touch of humor to these average items.