These Kontextur Tissue Box Covers Encourage an Easy Grab

 - Dec 8, 2011
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Almost every brand of facial tissues is now enhanced with some degree of decorative design on the cardboard, but it does not make that items like these Kontextur Tissue Box Covers are any less appealing. One of such objects could be bought to permanently match the color scheme of a particular room, since few factory printed motifs will coordinate perfectly well with your interior trimmings.

But this playful silicone piece by Josh Owen isn't simply a case to enclose those cubeic kleenex boxes, for its top manipulates the method of dispensing that's manufactured into the cardboard commodities. What works as slit-shaped aperture inside is redirected upwards into a small circular hole.

Kontextur Tissue Box Covers let you grab and pull kerchiefs with swiftness and ease, and because they are yanked through a tiny opening you will never draw two unintentionally.