The 'Stand! Tissue Box' Alters Napkins' Orientation

 - Aug 2, 2011
References: matomeno &
When buying a box of Kleenexes, the consumer must generally be satisfied to find a decorated carton that might nearly match her interior design. The 'Stand! Tissue Box' does what so many covers do, but replaces more than just the color of the existing product.

Instead of taking the basic shape of a rectangular prism with an oval hole, this object has a rigid dispensing slot and one inclined side. What this changes is the item's ability to be placed at an angle other than face-up, and with its heavy materiality it can remain anchored as such, despite the small base.

The benefit to this arrangement is that the 'Stand! Tissue Box' can keep your facial wipes from exploiting unnecessary tabletop real estate. And from higher shelves and surfaces, it's much easier to pull outwards than upwards to acquire a Kleenex.