The King Kong Tissue Box is Both Hilarious and Scary

 - Nov 4, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
This King Kong tissue box brings mixed feelings of creepiness and amusement.

The King Kong tissue box cover encases a standard rectangular box. The main difference is that users are pulling tissues out of the monstrous ape's nose -- not very appealing. Though slightly hilarious, it's hard not to be freaked out a little but the gigantic grin and massive eyes that are staring right into your soul as you yank another tissue from the sensitive nose. For King Kong fans, this would be a subtly intense addition to the collection. As for those who are roommates or relatives of the fans, try to shield the ape's face before turning off all the lights at night -- unless you want to walk into the hall with a demonic face staring right back at you.

Image Credits: Amazon