Archie McPhee Makes Blowing Your Nose Humorous

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: mcphee
Lets face it, cardboard tissue boxes aren’t meant to be classy, but at least with this assortment from Archie McPhee they can put a smile on your face. Printed on the boxes are bold, humorous animations paired with mockingly satirical jokes that poke fun at your plight. Whether it is allergies, a cold, or even a crying baby, there is a tissue pack tailored to your needs.

Forgo the fancy, but often tacky, prints of competitors’ brands and embrace the action of blowing your schnoz for what it really is, an exhilarating mess! At least this way when your nose is red and sore from all the sneezing action, you’ll have some reason to laugh. But, if you’d prefer to turn your nose up and go for something more tasteful, Archie McPhee also produces a chic box of black tissues called ‘Tissue Noir’ that will satisfy even the most prudent tissue fashionista.