From Lavatory Assisting Tablet Stands to Toilet Paper Converters

 - Mar 25, 2013
Toilet paper is a product that we all use on a daily basis but would never stop to think about, but after reading this list of toilet paper innovation-promoting products you might be a little bit more inclined to stop, think and then wipe.

Although used frequently in well-developed countries, the sheer amount of toilet paper uses proves that this is a hygienic luxury that we take for granted. You may think that there is no thought put into its soft, square design but many companies and people around the world have shown a serious interest in taking the function and production of toilet paper to the next level.

From office machines that convert waste paper into toilet rolls to poop deflecting toilet paper mittens, there has been ingenious and bizarre toilet paper innovations in recent years and hopefully these designs will have us wiping our way to a greener future.