Novelty Toilet Paper Holders Prove They're Stronger Than You

 - Nov 2, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
There are plenty of novelty toilet paper holders out there, but this weightlifter is a perfect example of how difficult certain washroom-related tasks can be.

No one likes to refill the toilet paper when the roll is done -- it seems like that is a common trigger for unnecessarily long, tedious and super-frustrating arguments. While it seems like a simple feat, it's often overlooked and the next person using the washroom is left with nothing, literally. The weightlifting novelty toilet paper holders are almost as strong as Charmin, a popular toilet paper brand, holding not one, but two backups. This manly addition to the washroom is an easy and cute way to try and get other members in the house to remember this essential task -- at least until the novelty wears off.