From Nudity-Encouraging Bathroom Decor to Bathroom Throne Phones

 - May 29, 2013
When it comes to decorating your home interior, the washroom is always a tricky place to have decor, but it you want to infuse some lighthearted fun into the room, then these humorous bathroom decor items will certainly have you chuckling night and day.

Even though most people only spend a limited amount of time in the washroom, that doesn't mean you still can't infuse some of your quirky personality into the mix. These humorous decor items feature all sorts of wacky references such as toilet covers mimicking Sci-Fi spaceships and shower curtains featuring bold phrases that encourage nudity. These decor items will certainly have your guests who come over to your home doing a double take the moment they step into your bathroom setting.

Have some fun and incorporate some of these humorous bathroom decor items into your own home.