The DEWADESIGN Mirror Cleaner Wipes Off Steam

 - Oct 21, 2012
References: blessthisstuff
Unlike a car, ther's no defogger for the bathroom mirror, which is where the DEWADESIGN mirror cleaner comes in handy.

Conceived and crafted by German designer Dewa Bleisinger, the mirror cleaner is essentially a replica of a windshield wiper but aesthetically prettier. Secure the cleaner vertically with the attached suction cup at the top of the mirror. After a nice long steamy shower, manually scrape away the condensation. The DEWADESIGN mirror cleaner helps avoid the streaky finger marks when trying to clear up a spot after the shower, prolonging the seeming cleanliness of the mirror so you won't have to wash it as often. As an added bonus, the blade can serve as a squeegee when you're actually cleaning.