These Living Carpets Keep Your Floor Dry and the Bathroom Green

 - May 12, 2013
References: s3images.coroflot
With water regularly seeping into the fibers of a regular bath mat, this is something that can become germ-infested pretty quickly, and moss mats are a natural living alternative to the usual synthetic bathroom essential.

This product seems too good to be true. These bath mats are made of moss, and naturally prevent your floors from getting wet by absorbing and trapping moisture in their pores. These moss mats are made of a latex foam tray which becomes a planter for several types of forest moss to grow. After enjoying a warm shower you can step out onto the soft forest floor mat and feel the earth between your toes.

The best part about these moss mats is that they require little to no upkeep. The humid condition of your bathroom and the water dripping from your body is enough to keep these mats green and your bathroom chic.