The Tandem Towel Rack Extends and Separates into Additional Rungs

 - May 14, 2013
References: quirky
Most of the time, you might only need one or two towel rails in your washroom, but there are occasions when you might be interested in installing some more hooks. The Tandem Towel Rack is great for those times when you have company over, or when you've just been out swimming. The contraption expands to offer additional space for spreading out several wet cloths.

Made by Quirky, the stainless-steel bathroom accessory fastens to the wall in much the same way as other objects like it. This one, however, has a hidden talent. It begins by looking rather bulky for its mere 25-inch length, but you'll discover that the bar of the Tandem Towel Rack is actually three that have been tucked closely together, inviting you to draw them apart when more drying space is needed.