The Lexon Mezzo Transistor Has a Vintage Looks with Modern Practicality

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: lexon-design & fancy
The craftsmanship, meticulous manufacturing and consequent longevity of gadgets from a generation ago can certainly be admired. The Lexon Mezzo Radio draws on these qualities and packages them as a contemporary gadget that can be operated much more conveniently.

Specifically, Ionna Vautrin's design allows you to use it with wet hands -- something that the old transistor radios would not have taken kindly to. Its wiring is sealed tight and the device has got a pair of protruding dials that are easy to grip and adjust with one arm out of the shower.

The look of the Lexon Mezzo Radio is simple, but bursting with character. It has a charming asymmetry with its knobs on one side and its antenna on the other and it comes in one of four delightful colors.