This Bathroom Guest Book from NeatoShop is a Hilarious Parody

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: neatoshop
This hilarious parody book by NeatoShop is a great way to entertain guests when you can't. Maybe if one of these logs was put into public restrooms it would discourage graffiti.

The humorous book is a play off traditional guest books, which are usually more formal. Such books are normally found in weddings, important buildings and houses. The levity created by the non-conventional format of this book is sure to bring humor to any guest that happens to come across it.

Included in the log are different sections that will keep users occupied while the bathroom is occupied. Among others, there is a section for favorite memories, additional sentiments and even bathroom doodles. What makes the hilarious parody even funnier is the fancy cover, which appears to hold etiquette. In reality, the book is far from any of that.