Gugger Petter Creates Eco-Friendly 3D Artwork

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: guggerpetter & mymodernmet
Gugger Petter creates pixelated portraits out of newspaper. She essentially rolls each page into tubes and weaves them in such a careful manner that they form detailed portraits of women whose faces are surprisingly filled with emotion.

Born in Denmark, Gugger Petter has always been fascinated with the newspaper medium. Not only does she view it as a "dairy of our lives," as she puts it, but she also likes the limited color palette that it allows her to work with. More than that, by rolling each page up tightly, she transforms newspaper from a fragile material into something stronger and more solid. Gugger Petter goes on to note, "Since each piece I create holds all the world/local news of that particular time frame, it becomes an historic piece within itself."