'Jellogami' Created by My Jello Americans is a Tasty Art

I have to admit that paper origami figures can be so adorable that there have been a few occasions when I've been tempted to eat them, especially if they are food creations, which is why I'm not surprised that the ladies of My Jello Americans created Jellogami.

Although its creators openly claim in their website that the origami is fake, one can't help but feel attracted to the tasty imitations of the Japanese legendary art. Made of "granulated gelatin, water, and food coloring painted over gelatin veining sheets," according to MyJelloAmericans.com, these colorful creations are perfect to decorate any kind of dessert.

With a video on My Jello Americans' website on how to make Jellogami, I'm sure this edible art will sure be done by many origami fans around the globe.