The Gautham Varma 'SoftSheet' for G3 Studio is Perfectly Paperless

 - Apr 23, 2012
References: & yankodesign
Architects, engineers, contractors and site workers are hands-on officials and can't always be carrying binders of blueprints where they go; therefore, the Gautham Varma 'SoftSheet' for G3 Studio erases such a need.

This concept device is quite literally a sheet of digital paper. One can argue that tablets can do the trick as they can store lots of information on a single device, however I ask, can a tablet fold like paper? Is it as portable? No. But the SoftSheet is. This device is foldable, touch-sensitive, features a transparent display and extremely thin -- just like a sheet of paper. Its contents can be synced from a USB or smartphone making it a device that can be taken anywhere an architect or site worker needs to go. Hands-on work will benefit greatly from such inventions.