The 'Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook' is a Book to Burn

Time for the most awesome way to sell lyrics; the 'Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook' is a publication full of the rapper's greatest hits all printed on paper that can be doubled to roll "doobs."

That's right, the book's pages can be ripped out and used to keep Snoop's words alive and burning by literally setting them alight after rolling whatever substance one would wish to smoke in them. The pages book was created from Pereira & O'Dell and the ink is non-toxic making it safe to use as rolling paper. What's more, Snoop Dogg made sure to look out for individuals that may not have a lighter by adding a matchbox surface to the spine of the book for quick lights. The Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook is probably the most useful read out there. It's time to roll with Snoop.