From Chocolate-Coated Chips to Vegan-Friendly Cookie Dough Confections

 - Nov 26, 2014
In a fast paced environment, it can be easy to start your day and forget to eat something if you haven't already stored some office snack foods. Alternatively, even in slower 9 to 5 environments, sitting all day and choosing unhealthy snacks can be detrimental in a different way. These portable snacks are easy to throw in a drawer and keep you energized and full all day long.

Health-wise there is a wide range of office snack foods to choose from. The healthier end of this spectrum includes portable superfood snacks and fruity gluten-free snacks. On the other end, you have festive snack flavors or pie-flavored potato chips. For those in need of an energy boost, there are caffeine-infused brownies and chocolate coffee bars.