Soma Bites Boasts Sophisticated Packaging Targeting Organic Eaters

 - Oct 10, 2014
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Homemade healthy snacks is something many people are getting into for a number of reasons. Yet although leading a healthier lifestyle is on top of that list, leading a better one is also there. There is a subtle difference between the two that Soma Bites addresses. Organic foods are often more pricey and with that comes the impression that they are more upscale. These homemade healthy snacks perpetuates that perception through a sophisticated packaging design.

Packaging in a canister covered in a clean, stylish and informative label, Soma Bites sets itself apart from similar homemade healthy snacks. A fusion of seven seeds, nuts and berries, cold-pressed together, Soma Bites are free of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and preservatives. The snack was created by Colly and Ricardo Galbiati.