Bunny Bar Packaging Features Adorable Dot Rabbits with Enchanting Tales

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: strohlsf & thedieline
It's instantly obvious when a company has gone to great lengths to foster its brand identity. An example such as Bunny Bar packaging typifies this attention to detail, so much so that the consumer gets more than the product when he purchases these scrumptious snacks.

Strohl took on the task of making these 18 Rabbits treats look like irresistible items for young children and their parents. Simplicity and playfulness were explored and balanced thoughtfully through the use of a white background and cute cotton-tailed characters drawn from brightly colored dots.

Custom typefaces with a childlike casualness describe the dried fruity goodness of the granola bars inside. But where Bunny Bar packaging goes above and beyond is through the inscription of each rabbit's story on the back of the box.