Heart-Starting Vests and More to Beat the Obamacare Rate Spike

 - May 15, 2013
In the face of an Obamacare rate shock, health insurance is becoming even more financially stressful. DIY health solutions are more important now that average health insurance premiums are expected to double. With some Obamacare rates increasing by 400%, it is essential that you keep your health on track.

Home healthcare solutions keep you healthy and are there when disaster strikes. New technology supports preventative strategies like exercise and a healthy diet. Pandering to the lazy individual, many of these solutions aim to keep you fit with minimal effort. In addition, diet-monitoring technologies keep you aware of whether you're doing enough to eat healthy.

New technology has also come a long way in assisting home illness response strategies. Emergency reaction solutions have taken a long leap from conventional first aid kits. Even when you're on the go, portable lifesaving packs keep you safe in case of disaster.