The Moves App Tracks Your Movement and Calorie Burning Throughout the Day

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: allthingsd & bitrebels
As the new Moves app for the iPhone proves, you don't necessarily have to be a total gym rat to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

This ingenious app differentiates itself from the myriad of other fitness apps on the market by not requiring any sort of external peripheral like an arm band or pedometer. The Moves app simply tracks your movement throughout the day and then tells you how far you've gone, how many calories you've burned, and even how you split up your motion throughout the day. Even more impressive is that the app can detect the difference in motion in different exercises such as walking, running and biking. The app does all of this with a smart battery-sensitive system that relies primarily on the motion sensing abilities of the iPhone, but also optionally with the GPS to show the user how many calories get burned between the subway station and Starbucks.

Best of all, the Moves app is completely free and available for download on the iTunes app store now.