First Aid 2.0 Guides the Lifesaver Through a Rescue with its Digital Screen

 - Jun 14, 2012
No matter how many times people learn their basic lifesaving skills, in those moments of panic, many are likely to forget it all. The First Aid 2.0 assumes that the first person at the scene of an accident will know nothing about how to identify or treat a particular injury so it offers a wealth of advice and instruction on the very lid of the box.

Ying Hern Pow's first aid kit has a sleek cover with a touchscreen integrated into the surface in the shape of a red cross. Touching the display will activate the computer inside and present the user with a selection of common afflictions that he may chose to select or investigate. Search capabilities produce directions for how to assist victims of a wide variety of trauma, and under the hinged lid of the First Aid 2.0 are the familiar medical tools to carry out minor procedures before the ambulance arrives.