Armour39 From Under Armour is a Performance Monitor Like No Other

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: underarmour & werd
Worn right on the heart, the Armour39 performance monitor can tell exactly how hard someone is working out, calculating information based on heart rate and workout intensity. The results are then transmitted to an accompanying app so users can view all of their statistics on their phones.

Designed by Under Armour, this monitoring band fits comfortably around the rib cage, fitting snugly against the skin. After tracking the intensity and duration of workouts, this device is meant to encourage users to outperform themselves and do even better the next time. The point is to turn a difficult workout into a rewarding game where users can keep score against themselves.

By keeping tabs on how hard the workout was through the Armour39 performance monitor, users can track how much they improve over time.