Trifect Athletics is Inspired by Three Athletic Brothers

 - May 8, 2013
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Themes in products are effective as they’re catchy, interesting and they help boost sales. Trifect Athletics has a bit of an advantage in applying a theme to business – the owners are athletic and model-esque identical triplets. The three also understand that working out to achieve fitness goals involves at least three stages – "To Sacrifice, Endure and Conquer" – which is the philosophy of their clothing line.

The founders, who have a background in modeling and acting, well-embrace their selling point: the triple effect. From the company's three-part vision statement to its three-tiered pyramid logo, Trifect nails its branding immaculately.

The triplets also model their own products like Trifect’s top-selling Trigonon tops. The company calls for triple-fueled marketing, as well as some terrific alliterations.