The ON-Q Carry Bag Delivers Doses of Painkillers to Post-Op Patients

 - May 9, 2013
Some patients have been known to decline after surgery, arguably because of the unsatisfactory atmosphere experienced when they've been kept in a hospital room for too long. The ON-Q Carry Bag is cutting-edge clinical device that might enable people to return home much sooner after surgeries.

Designer Daniel To has conceived a driver that contains pain management medication in a flexible pouch. A tube escapes from the bladder and runs into an intravenous system, directly delivering prescribed doses of drugs to the wearer. The great thing about this post-operative accessory is that it leaves you free to go about your usual business, or simply to rest and recover without all of the bothersome machinery about you. The ON-Q Carry Bag conforms to the shape of your body, it fastens to your shoulder or waist and it's quite comfortable.