Pear Sports Square One Digitally Analyses and Improves Exercises

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: pearsports & gizmag
The Pear Sports Square One acts as a fitness tracker that monitors and records one's progress as well as motivates the exerciser to keep up the good work.

While many fitness gadgets on the market can record how many reps one has done, heart rate and blood pressure, not many can boast that they also act like a digital personal trainer.

Using a heart rate monitor and foot pod the device digitally monitors and records the workout a person is doing and can analyze and evaluate it to make improvements where necessary.

The system designs a customized workout plan for the person using it, and will monitor the progress to let he or she know when they are falling short of their goals. Planned by a team of qualified fitness coaches, each workout is designed based on the individual's own age, fitness level and gender.

The device also comes with online support for those that require additional assistance meeting their exercise goals.