Scanadu Brings Star Trek to Reality with the Medical Tricorder

 - Dec 31, 2011
References: & dvice
Tech startup Scanadu is making life easier for DIY docs with their new Medical Tricorder. The Medical Tricorder is a conceptual device designed to let parents scan their children and themselves to see if the symptoms they're suffering are life-threatening or not.

The Medical Tricorder is being entered into the Tricorder X-Prize. The Tricorder X-Prize is offering $10 million to whoever can come up with the best Tricorder as judged by a panel of doctors. Scanadu's entry is one of many, but they seem to have a good shot at a strong showing as they have secured $2 million in investments after only being around for a year. That may not be enough to impress a panel of physicians, but it may mean great things for Scanadu even if they don't take the top spot.