Perfect for ‘Gossip Girl' Michelle Trachtenberg

 - Oct 20, 2008
Michelle Trachtenberg has been making headlines recently for her role on ‘Gossip Girl’ as well as her presence at the 21st birthday party of ‘High School Musical’ superstar Zac Efron. Gossip has achieved new heights of popularity in the past few years, largely fueled by celebrity gossip sites like TMZ and television shows like ‘Gossip Girl.’ Within hours--and often, within minutes--we can view pictures and video of virtually any celebrity-attended event, whether it’s going to Starbucks or the Oscars.

The way we gossip has changed immensely with Web 2.0. Websites like Truemors and GlassDoor allow viewers to create or disseminate rumors and gossip on topics that interest them. And celebrity sites continue to surge in popularity as our fascination with beautiful starlets like Michelle Trachtenberg continues without ceasing.

The cluster below explores the ways in which gossiping has been revolutionized in some way. From Second Life gossip rags to animated gossip blogs, we’ve got it all. Be sure to click through the gallery to see pictures of ‘Gossip Girl’ Michelle Trachtenberg.