Skullphone Fakes Digital Billboard Hijack

 - Mar 26, 2008
References: engadget
It was rumoured that a series of Clear Channel digital billboards were hacked by an 18 year old graffiti artist by the name of Skullphone.

As of March 25th, 10 billboards in LA were displaying Skullphone's logo (a skull talking on a phone) intermittently along with their regular ads. And you can bet your last penny that right now, as I type this trend, tens of kids out there with similar skills as Skullphone, are marveling at this feat and plotting billboard hijackings of their own that will, no doubt, propel them into instant[underground culture] fame. Even if its only for 15 minutes.

That was the rumor... but the truth has been revealed and it's no where near as exciting as it turns out Skullphone paid Clear Channel to tamper with the billboards.