Gossip Girl

 - Sep 17, 2007
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Fans of the OC may have their old fixed again when Gossip Girl airs this Wednesday. The new show will be produced by Josh Schwartz, the same man behind the OC, and will once again feature the rich lives of high school teens, but this time, they're even wealthier! Gossip Girls (based on the best-selling novel series) is about spoiled Manhattan private school teens concerned with social status, dating and, naturally, gossip.

"The progeny of aristocratic New York families, they can converse fluently about art and culture and roam the city's grand edifices as if they were ambling through their backyards," the LA Times says of the characters.

The show has received some concerns from parents already because the series is said to feature a lot of partying and underage drinking. Parents familiar with the book know "the series promotes narcissism, casually depicts underage drinking and sex and glamorizes the kind of bad behavior that has landed stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears on the cover of tabloids."

But Schwartz says, "you have to write them realistically, which means occassionally they are going to do things that aren't necessarily recommended by the Board of Family Viewing."

This is one series premiere you won't want to miss -- you don't want to be the only one of your friends missing out. Check out the trailer for a little teaser!