- Sep 15, 2009
Who’s ready for more Gossip Girl mania? An all-new season of Gossip Girl is about to begin, and I think I speak and act for everyone—er, I mean tweens only—when I squeal excitedly and don a pretty bow headband.

Gossip Girl mania has been going on since the day the show aired. But really, it’s hard not to be completely and utterly captured by the "scandalous lives of Manhattan’s finest," especially when their clothes are so covetable, their drama so entertaining, and their romantic rendezvous so scintillating.

This cluster is dedicated to all that is Gossip Girl, whether it’s Blake Lively sporting patriotic couture or Penn Badgley in a nerdy editorial. Enjoy!

Gossip Girl Mania, from 33lb Gowns to Dual Mag Covers: