Louis Vuitton and Gossip Girl Fantasy Cakes Made to Order

Ever wonder what a Louis Vuitton purse, Loboutin pumps, or 1970 Chevelle would taste like if you could eat them?

Gone are the days of your plain old chocolate or vanilla cakes and cupcakes. Sweet Things decadent cakes and cupcakes are a bit of fantasy in every bite. Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Sour Cream Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Ganache are just a few of the sinfully good tastes that could be hidden inside your LV cake purse, or Gossip Girl cupcakes. Even little Billy’s blue stuffed whale can be made with a naughty strawberry cream surprise inside (he doesn’t need to know).

Juanita Koo’s sweet treats are made to order. Be warned, calorie counts are not included, and who cares? Indulge then reapply your Stila or Venom lip gloss - unless of course you help yourself to a second piece.