StarMash For Hollywood Dirt On The Go

 - Nov 21, 2007
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Are you hopelessly addicted to celebrity gossip, checking out all the latest dirt each time you hit the web, picking up every rag mag that catches your eye at the grocery store? If you have an iPhone, StarMash can deliver the goods to your Apple device as it happens.

As fun as it is to know that Britney is looking into lipo (surprise), that Paris Hilton is hiding out in China after her latest sex tape was found in a storage locker (an accident, I'm sure) and that Mariah smells like smores (random) the reality is, most of us don't have hours to catch up on the scandalous lives of the rich and famous.

That's the beauty of StarMash! No more waiting, get the news on the go, as it happens, photos and all.