- Apr 1, 2008
In the spirit of April Fools Day 2008, Google Australia has announced a new application that lets it's users see a full 24 hours into the future. It's called gDay and it's powered by MATE. It's called "gDay MATE" get it? Those Google pranksters are advertising their "new" search engine that is based on the probable ranking of web pages even before they are written. Google developers say "We can use this technique to predict almost anything on the web â€" tomorrow's share price movements, sports results or news events. Plus, using language regression analysis, Google can even predict the actual wording of blogs and newspaper columns, 24 hours before they're written!" Fantastic stuff Google, now we can bet on the outcome of sporting events even before they've happened or buy winning lottery tickets thanks to their latest technology, if only it were true!

On another April Fools Day note, Virgin Airlines ran huge advertisements in Brisbane newspapers advertising half-price "No Chair Fares" until 6:00 pm today with complimentary calf massages on flights longer than two hours. Apparently over a 1000 customers called in or went online to grab these great rates before six today. Oh that Richard Branson, he's suck a kidder!