- May 26, 2018
Spotlighted in these May 2018 fashion trends are a range of unique streetwear collections, summer-ready accessories and swimwear, stylish toddler apparel, and much more.

In order to offer a more inclusive representation of Coachella fashion photography, Teen Vogue commissioned agency Les Mijotés to show how those who don't fall into the typical western beauty mold celebrate. Primarily, the publication sought to give a voice to people of color and those who don't abide by traditional gender norms. In addition to taking photographs of them, Teen Vogue and Les Mijotés interviewed each subject to get a deeper understanding of how they view current representations of beauty in the media.

Also featured is the latest collection from FREAK'S STORE, which consists of a range of graphic styles that pay homage to Playboy Magazine and its expansive legacy. Many of the styles do this by incorporating a number of the retro magazine covers all over the material in colorful collages.

From Minimalist Streetwear Fashion to 4/20-Friendly Collections: