- Mar 23, 2019
These March 2019 interactive trends range from egg-themed selfie popups to sneaker brand pubs. While The Egg House -- an immersive activation opened in the heart of West Hollywood, Los Angeles -- celebrates the protein-packed food through fun art installations and Instagram-friendly rooms, 'The Runaway' by New Balance and Strava is a pop-up bar that replaces monetary currency with miles run. The pop-up recently opened its doors in London and aims to reward active visitors with a drink based on the mileage they run and was launched in support of those competing in the city's Spring marathons.

Jose Cuervo's All-You-Can-Drink train experience in Mexico is another notable example of interactive marketing. The spirits brand takes tequila fans on a unique tasting journey and tour to its La Rojeña distillery and offers open bar access to those on board. Additionally, participants are able to experience a cultural show and take in Mexico's gorgeous sights in an unforgettable way.

From Egg-Themed Selfie Popups to Sneaker Brand Pubs: