From Inspirational Sports Campaigns to Group Dating Sites

 - Mar 28, 2015
These March 2015 social media innovations indicate how incorporating social features is moving off the screen and becoming a more prevalent part of the smart objects you might encounter in everyday life. Shareability also continues to be an integral app component.

Many existing and well-established platforms are introducing new elements. This is seen with YouTube's 360-degree video sharing platforms and multi-camera streaming as well as Facebook's cyber security platforms and Vine's kid-friendly video apps. Brands continue to leverage social media with innovative and interactive campaigns, such as Dove's #SpeakBeautiful, 'Mr. Mucinex Reads Sick Tweets' and #SecretSomm mysterious wine giveaways. Smart objects are also reflected in March 2015 social media ideas, like interactive social apparel developed by MIT, funds-seeking synced skipping ropes on Kickstarter, Sugr Cube gesture-controlled speakers and digital boxing gloves that also have social media capabilities.