From Crocheted Animal Dissection to Wacky Knit Wigs

 - Jun 25, 2009   Updated: Apr 14 2011
You might think that knitting is a pastime for old biddies, but this collection of kickass crocheted creations will set you straight.

From crocheted animal dissection--yep, guts and all--to blankets with 3D skulls and naughty knitted body suits, these innovations prove that knitting isn't as tame of a hobby as you'd think.

Implications - The recession and ensuing credit crunch caused consumers to eschew modern forms of entertainment such as the theater and shopping in favor of traditional pursuits like knitting and crocheting. These DIY designs reflect modern crocheters' tastes and interests, however, by adopting subversive themes, creepy aesthetics and unusual forms instead of standard crocheted shawls, hats and sweaters.