Luxury Kit by Fifi Chachnil

 - May 12, 2006
References: fifichachnil
These past few years, we have all witnessed a knitting resurgen. Stars such as Sharon Stone for example started to knit again. We started to believe that knitting was hip again when we saw our pregnant friends starting to knit some cute sweaters, shirts or skirts for their future bambino.

However, even with all these clues in mind, it still seemed to be a little bit unrealistic and improbable.

But fashion is fact, what isn't?

To force us believing it, Fifi Chachnil, irresistible underwear brand, launched a knitting kit for dummies: a pair of needles, 9 balls of yarn, and a form to refer to.

The result?

A cute cardigan and a pair of comfortable yet sexy slippers.

So...what are you waiting for?