Knitted Shreds by Graham Tabor

 - Aug 30, 2008
References: grahamtabor & jcreport
New York based knitwear designer Graham Tabor compares his work “to that of an archaeological dig.” His designs incorporate layers of knit fabrics, and translucent fabrics detailed with chain and hair strand accessories by Kristin Victoria Barron. The collection results in a look as if the clothes were worn to shreds though years of disintegration underground.

"Organic and sensual hairstyles, intertwinings of hair and textiles, extend each silhouette. These features grant the tribe, which wears them the allure of strange warriors. Tabor's men seem dressed for the sacred ritual which would mark a return to life after a long silence," describes Tabor.

Tabor was one of 10 emerging fashion designers and 10 photographers spotlighted at the 2008 Festival International de Mode et Photographie d'Hyères. These photos were taken by Miguel Villalobos, accessories designed by Kristin Victoria Barron and the hair was styled by Chinatsu Nube. Tabor’s fashions are made with high-tech STOLL knitting machines.