Knitted Animal Skins for the Rugged Crafter

 - Feb 26, 2009   Updated: Jun 13 2011
These knitted pelts from Becky Stern are really amusing. There are a fair few PETA-friendly mounted heads about, but I have not seen pelts such as these before. These animal pelts are knitted from 100% non-wool yarns, so they are truly animal-friendly.

You may not recognize Becky Stern by name, but you'd most certainly recognize some of her other pieces, like the computer jumper or brass Band-Aid.

Implications - In a world where the killing of animals for unnecessary reasons such as home decoration is severely taboo, decorative alternatives such as crochet and faux fur are on the rise. Businesses that cater towards an environmental and animal-friendly public appeal not only to consumers, but also to major companies whose efforts are catered towards raising public awareness about such issues.